Candace Sanchez

Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Podcast Host

Helping You Own Your Past & Define Your Future.

Career Building

I am committed to helping you find your passion, identify your strengths, and areas of development to take you where you want to go in your current role or onto the next! You decide!

Personal Life Coaching

I am committed to encourage, inspire and empower you to gain confidence and clarity in reaching your goals, both personally and professionally. You have what it takes!


6 month Program

Accountability is key!
1:1 Virtual weekly or biweekly meetings are highly recommended. You have six months to identify your passions in all quadrants in your life! You have six months to track your progress from Day 1 and see where you are in roughly 180 days.

3 month Program

Accountability is key!
1:1 Virtual weekly meetings are highly recommended. Quick way to identify areas of development for your future success!

Ad Hoc Coaching Opportunity

I offer 1:1 virtual meetings. Scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Tailored to be flexible for your life events.

Keynote Speaking Engagement

From her own personal story of faith, hope and perseverance, Candace will ignite your event with her charisma, confidence and class!

About Me

My name is Candace Sanchez.

My mission as your Life Coach is helping you own your past and define your future.

My commitment is to be your very own personal cheerleader!

A person that will remain in your corner during your entire program.

I will make sure to UPLIFT, INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE You to be the BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE!

My motto is simple – Documentation and Accountability is KEY!

You document what you want to achieve and I will hold you accountable.

You have what it takes to be whatever your heart desires!

Candace Sanchez

Unspoken: Conversations with Candace



Where we talk openly about “taboo” topics in order to spark difficult and uncomfortable conversations. Where we allow a safe place for anyone who has had trauma to be heard.

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Unspoken By Candace Sanchez

Candace Sanchez is a successful adult, who rose from the ashes of a troubled youth. Despite wonderful family elements, there was a dark side to her childhood. Candace now shares her story of transformation and resilience that allowed her to find happiness in her family, career, and most importantly, within herself.

Her story proves that your past does not define who you are or who you are destined to become. Candace’s testimony is powerful and impactful, and it will open your eyes to see child abuse with a new lens.

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“I recently had the opportunity to embark on a three month mentor/mentee journey with Candace, and the results have been delightful! Candace’s professionalism, leadership abilities, and personal transparency is awe inspiring. Candace has a natural inquisitiveness needed for coaching and mentoring. Her ability to hear what is NOT being said, allowed me to dig deeper and pry open my own strengths, and abilities. Thus, creating much deeper conversations, and understanding of my core needs, as well as my wants. Candace coached me to dream big, and pursue my dreams, and she even backed that up by providing and recommending professional contacts in those areas of my life. Additionally, Candace’s availability, flexibility, and commitment made the process not only comfortable, but more easy going. I would highly recommend Candace as a coach and mentor for both professional, and personal needs. Thank you for all you have done Candace!”

Leandra Evans

“I am extremely grateful for my coaching sessions with Candace. Her compassionate soul and positive energy are infectious and I now view my world in a new light. I make decisions from a place of optimism instead of from a place of fear. She has given me the tools to clearly determine the direction I want to go and to take the steps needed to get there. Her encouragement has given me the confidence to dream big! I leave each session with Candace feeling excited about new possibilities and empowered to move forward and make my dreams come true.”

Kelly Troyer

“Before working with Candace I found myself struggling to find an understanding of how to get to where I wanted to be in multiple facets of my life. This lead to living an unbalanced, unhappy and a rather unfulfilling life. I was not sure I would be able to get out of the hole I kept digging myself further and further into. I did not know what to focus on or what goals to set for myself. One day I found myself in the middle of a breakdown where I could not make sense of my purpose or direction in life. That’s when I stumbled across a social media post from Candace and I knew I needed help and had to reach out. We discussed a plan we would go over for the next 6 months and she tasked me with focusing on a few areas of my life I found important. After the first session I was confident in knowing that this would be a life changing decision and that she was as committed to my growth and development as I was. I wake up and set daily goals and tasks in those key areas and when I am feeling like I need advice Candace is always responsive. I would recommend booking a session with Candace especially if you feel how I did.”

Lupe Davalos

“Working with Candace for years I have seen first hand she always gives 100% to every person she interacts with. She is always positive, upbeat, and ready to tackle the challenge. I have never met someone who is better at motivating and bringing people together than Candace… Zero doubt in my mind that she was born to do this.”

Nick Socha

Candace is an amazing listener, encourager, and an inspiration to anyone who has the privilege to know her as a friend, life coach or employee. She truly gives me joy each time we speak. She makes my cup runneth over, with love and appreciation. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Theresa Sarpong

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